Bona Forte is a complex of unique and high-tech products for crop production that meet the highest modern standards of quality and efficiency.

Since 2020, under the Bona Forte brand, the production of fertilizers and preparations in large industrial packaging has begun.

The main consumers are:

  • Farmers and agricultural enterprises
  • Greenhouse plants and private greenhouses
  • Orchards, vineyards and berry farms
  • Nurseries, producers of seedlings and planting material
  • Urban and private landscaping companies
  • Football and golf courses, stadiums and sports grounds
  • Organic farming and production of eco-products

Bona Forte product range includes the following product categories:

  • Complex liquid and granular fertilizers
  • Plant protection products against diseases, pests and stress
  • Professional ready-made substrates for growing plants
  • Biological products for organic farming

Bona Forte product lines have been developed to solve specific problems in cultivation of various agricultural crops and ornamental plants.

Granulated fertilizers Bona Forte have a prolonged effect. The special structure of granules with zeolite prevents leaching and evaporation of elements from the soil.

The main distinguishing feature of Bona Forte granular fertilizers is the high content of bioavailable silicon in its composition. In combination with other components of the fertilizer, it can significantly increase the fertility of fields and production efficiency.

Bona Forte liquid complex fertilizers have a unique composition. In addition to NPK they include Mg and a set of microelements - Fe, Mn, B, Zn, Cu, Mo, Co, as well as a growth stimulant (succinic acid) and a complex of water-soluble vitamins.

Bona Forte product line contains biological preparations for protecting plants from insect pests, diseases and stress.

Natural bioinsecticide PYRETHRUM is based on extracts from Dalmatian chamomile. It is effective against a variety of insects.

Bona Forte biostimulator is based on bioavailable silicon and a natural growth stimulator (fir green extract). It increases immunity, promotes root formation, growth and development of plants. It also helps plants to recover from damage caused by insects and diseases, hail, sunburn, drought, frost, phytotoxicity of pesticides.

The high efficiency of products has been confirmed by numerous tests and researches in leading scientific organizations.