About us

Bona Forte is a brand of a developing Russian manufacturing company JSC Rusinhim. The main activity of the enterprise is the production of plant care and pest control products, with a focus on organic components.

Over the years of successful development, the company has accumulated a huge scientific potential that helps to increase the effectiveness of active ingredients.

The specialists of our Science department carry out applied research to create new formulations of unique combinations to develop the best original product.

Basing on laboratory product testing Bona Forte can offer innovative high quality soil, fertilizers, as well as lawn care and plant protection products. 
Bona Forte products are trusted by millions of flower growers and gardeners in Russia and abroad.

Bona Forte is the first brand to offer the most complete line of products for the care of indoor plants and outdoor crops, as well as products for cut flowers.

Today, the mission of Bona Forte is not only to solve the problems of gardeners, but also to form a culture of modern plant care in Russia. 

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